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1. Algorithmic Promotions

Invest in discounts that actually drive incremental margin

Flux uncovers promotional opportunities across your assortment that are guaranteed to increase top-line sales and yield incremental margin.
2. Data-driven Promotions

Eliminate the need for trial and error

Flux continuously studies thousands of variables to find the the optimal deal selection, deal depth and deal vehicle that will lift category performance.
3. Harmonized Promotions

Harmonize your discounts across category silos

Flux harmonizes promotions across categories to eliminate margin-eroding discount redundancies that arise due to category management silos
4. De-risked Promotions

De-risk your promotional spend

Flux provides detailed performance forecasts and scenario analyses that allow you to de-risk your investment and prioritize your spend effectively.
5. Hyper-Localized Promotions

Hyper-localize your promotional strategies

Flux analyzes contextual factors related to each store and suggests promotions that are tailored to local preferences and price expectations

Promote the smart way

Promotions are the lifeblood of your business. We've built Flux to help you leverage the best of AI to cultivate a disciplined approach to promotional spend at your organization.